Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Logo Critique

The Starbucks logo features a twin tailed mermaid, which is a symbol in greek mythology. Although I love Starbucks, and it is a symbol that I recognize anywhere, I never really got how the mermaid correlated with their coffee brand. Then I thought maybe the logo is nice in the sense that it can mean something different to every viewer. The logo and company itself attracts ages ranging from young adult to middle aged, and i think they do a great job at reaching this audience. The simple green earth tone is relaxing to look at, and there is a classiness yet simplicity to the style of the logo itself. I think there are successful for these reasons precisely... along with the fact that they do coffee right.

The Audi logo has four rings to represent the four car makers that merged to create the company. The rings themselves look sharp and as if they are made out of chrome. The logo itself definitely appeals to middle aged to older men or women. I think that the logo is extremely successful because it has this clean edginess about it that brings about feelings of power and strength.

The nike logo is extremely simple yet very memorable at the same time. It appeals to a wide variety of ages because of this reason. It has this feeling of swiftness to it and that is why it goes along so great with a sports brand. It goes without saying that there is power behind simplicity.  It is so successful because of how easy it is to remember and also by how often the sign appears int heir merchandise.

The Music television logo or otherwise known as MTV is well known among young adults. In the beginning, the MTV channel itself was aired to only show music videos. Nowadays there are several other types of shows casted on the channel. Over the years they have been able to keep the classic "MTV"the same but by also spicing it up with new colors and patterns. This way they keep the classics but introduce new flavor to it.

The Instagram logo has become one of the most popular logos in digital media. It appeals to mostly ages ranging from young teens to young adults. It pictures a vintage polaroid camera. I think that this idea really works for them because teens like the idea of having this "retro" camera.  Also, when you think about the idea of a polaroid.. It is a supposed to be a camera that allows you to capture pictures to keep as memories. So in a sense, it really does go along with the whole idea of Instagram itself.

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