Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who am I?

Who am i? Well lets see..
I am a 19 year old who has spent most of her life with a strong passion for art.
I started off at a young age drawing all over my walls.. so i think my mother is probably thrilled that my artistic abilities have matured.
when it comes to other things in my life
I love the mountains, skiing.. anything to do with outdoors.. my art may reflect that a lot of the time.
I also consider my self to be slightly a perfectionist which does hinder my abilities at times.

I have been excited to take this class for quite some time now and I really hope to learn a lot from it. I am familiar with most of the programs because I learned them and high school and taught myself a few things. However, i am no expert yet.. and when it comes to art I work best with illustration. So I hope that i can really learn to translate my work onto the computer and be able to improve as an artist. Graphic design is my major and out of all of my classes this semester I will be taking this one the most serious so I hope that I can push myself to reach my expectations.